Skating at Britannia Youngstown

You will need to have a Community League membership, skating pass or an admission will be charged to skate.

Adults are on the premises to provide assistance and supervision. Skates and equipment are provided at no additional cost

Rink Hours:

Saturday 12pm - 8pm

Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Monday - Friday 530pm – 8pm

Friday 8:15 PM - 9:30 PM Shinny Hockey, Teens & Adults Only

Family skate on the main skating rink on Sundays


BYCL Upcoming Events

  • July - August sports program weekday evenings 530pm - 8pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb
  • Green Shack Program weekdays 1pm - 6pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb