There are three rental options available: Main Hall, Skating area (complete with skates and equipment), and a board room downstairs. Please check the events calender prior to requesting use of these areas. If there is no event please contact .This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view for availability. If location is available complete the rental agreement. Pending rentals are not inserted into the events calendar. The Executive Board has the option to deny any rental that it deems inappropriate for our venue.

The Britannia-Youngstown Community Hall has proudly been newly renovated!

  • Capacity of 150 people 
  • Large kitchen
  • Dishes are available to rent for $50. 
  • Damage deposit is the same amount as the rental charge

***AS OF JANUARY 1, 2024***

Rates for HALL RENTALS are as follows:


BYCL Members


Weekdays (Mon.-Thur.)



Friday, Saturday, and Holidays              






Children’s Parties & Funerals






Membership Fee $25

Skating Room and Skating Ice without Equipment use is $100/hour


If you are planning on serving alcohol at your event, you must purchace 'Host Liability Insurance' and show proof that this insurance has been purchased.

Click here to fill out an online rental agreement.



BYCL Upcoming Events

  • July - August sports program weekday evenings 530pm - 8pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb
  • Green Shack Program weekdays 1pm - 6pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb