Want to become a member of the Britannia Youngstown Community League?  The membership year runs from September 1st - Aug 31st.  Memberships cost $25, however if you buy your membership during the month of September, you can purchase it for $20.

A Community League memberships comes with many benefits:

- Organized indoor and outdoor soccer

- Chances to mingle and meet your neighbours in social settings

- For more membership benefits go to EFCL.org membership benefits

Access to programs offered by other leagues around the city. Community League Wellness Program Present your valid community league membership card at any City of Edmonton Leisure, Sports and Fitness Facility and get a:

Annual Pass* - 10% discount on Adult, Family, Child, and Youth/Senior Annual Passes

Multi Admission Pass* - 10% discount on our already discounted multi admission pass (10+ visits)

Continuous Monthly Pass - 10% discount off a monthly membership pass using our convenient Pre-Authorized Debit Program


Even more important are the intangible benefits, such as living in a community with others, networking, building friendships, looking out for each other and making our neighbourhood a better place to live in.

Please contact us for a membership or for more information.

BYCL Upcoming Events

  • July - August sports program weekday evenings 530pm - 8pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb info@bycl.ca)
  • Green Shack Program weekdays 1pm - 6pm (Britannia-Youngstown Community League, contact Barb info@bycl.ca)